4 months down the line, all change again …


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Again, another massive chunk of the year has passed and i’ve made more more posts. This is, yet again because Guinea pigs have been dying!

Well only one more, but it hit me pretty hard. Although to be expected, lovely Lindon passed away around a month and  a half ago. I had come to really love his gentle, laid back character. He was a great companion pet and always loved a good cuddle and would wheek away happily to you.

I mean how cute was that? Also, my ninja turtles onsie is great.

This means that yet again, for the countless time this year i’ve had to find a firned for one of the piggies. However this time I got very lucky.


Although, male trio’s are not something often reccomended, and I, myself would not suggest doing it if you had no grasp of the characters of the guinea pigs involved, how to safely mix. I went ahead with adding Aramis in with new-commers Hiro and Yuki. Two big boys I adopted earlier in the summer. Yuki and Hiro have lived happily with other boars in the past, and Aramis has always appeared to be quite docile and tolerent of other Guinea’s so I gave it a go.

And success!! Aramis settled really quickly and Hiro and Yuki barely reacted to the fact that there was a new Pig in their midst. I’ve decided to now keep my piggies as they are, two groups of three with no new additions. One of the most important aspects of Pet ownership is self awareness and knowing when you have to many to care for. I have found i have got to this point.


So thats a brief update on the piggos so far.


Im still writing my outdoor accomodation post, which will now have an extra spin due to the upcomming winter.


Also, my piggies now have their own instagram! Set up fresh today. We gonna start taking spreading the Guinea love seriously!