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Whee have been so happy that we had some sunny weather! It make the garden dry and we got to go out on the grass in a new enourmous run for 4 days in a row! Mum tried to take pictures but as you can see by the way he was using me as a barrier, Pickwick did not want his picture taken.

I like having mine taken especially when im feeling as fat and healthy as i am at the moment. Nice long sleeps in the sun made my sore old legs feel so much better. Harvey is a polar opposite of pickwick, as you’ll see he’s a real poser. He thinks he’s soooo handsome!

He also likes watching the birds when they come down to find food.

Heston seems to think run time is for grooming purposes only. He spends more time washing than eating. He’s never impressed when he gets caught doing it though, apparently his hair is not as it’s best.

It would help if Harvey stopped eating it …

Mum spent the sunny day’s clearing off our patio and cutting down the twiggy dead bush she said it was “to make a special space” i think, that’s code for “you’re getting some new neighbors.” They best not be noisy. Old men like me and Pickwick need our quiet time.

The last few days of rain and cold have made me grumpy, i can’t even get excited about getting my medicine. Bring back the sun!

~ Pirate ~