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Pirate has now been on his anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers for almost a month. He is so much better it’s outstanding. His left knee still looks a little swollen every few days, but with some heat, exercise and drugs it goes down. He’s so much happier and is always talking. He’s put on weight which is promising as he’d lost some over the christmas period, and is just in far better condition in general.

Pirate’s shiny nose.

However, bad new’s rarely comes singularly. Pickwick, Pirates brother has had some soft lumps under his skin for a few years. It appears that his lumps were sebaceous cyst’s. The largest at the base of his spine came to a head just over a week ago and was weeping pus and other fluids. I cleaned it daily with a salt water solution, and he was put onto a week long course of antibiotics to kill any potential infection. It’s still not completely better, but his skin is now far healthier looking. He also has been much brighter since the cyst has burst and he’s been on medication. I guess it was just getting him down.

This image holds no purpose.

And last but not least, i re-made contact with the breeder i got my youngest guinea-pig Harvey from the other day She was double checking for me when he was born. We had estimated the end of June and she emailed to say that he was indeed born the 21st June. So we now know exactly how old he is. He’s hit the “teen” years now. He’s a big, young animal, and as far as he is concerned he is gods gift to cavy kind. Heston seems to be doing a good job of reminding him he’s boss without it getting ugly though.

Heston & his mutton chops, Harvey and his moustache. Rockin’ the facial hair.