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My cavies have these bendable wooden arches, “fiddle sticks” in their cages, as they are in a shed i give them extra bedding, blankets,beds ect to keep warm. Heston however has not worked this out and sits on top of everything. So putting a blanket in his arch is pointless. So i decided to make a cover that i would be able to put over his arch but give him some added warmth and cozy-ness too.

The following is how it is made …First you need to cut 3 shapes, 6 pieces in total, one piece your inner fabric, i’m using a fleece, one outer, i’m using a striped cotton.

  • A section to cover the arch by slotting it between 2 layers of fabric. Piece 1 for this tutorial
  • A section to create a floor. Piece 2.
  • A section close off one end. Piece 3.
Outer and inner fabric, these peices are what my arch will slot into.

As you can see i have cut a tab at the front, this is longe enough so that it can be folded back over the fiddlesticks once they are between the layers.

Rectangles for creating a floor, arched pieces will cover one end.

Now it is the simple task of taking your 3 sections and sewing them individually inside out. This means if you have a patterned fabric it must be face down. Stich around 3 sides ad fold out the right way. You will now have 3 seperate components.

Now you must pin together the 3 parts. It is essential for this design that you leave the open end of peice on facing outward from piece 2. Hoever you need to stich your open side of pieces 2 & 3 together at this point. You should have somthing that looks like this when pinned. Rememeber to have your outer fabric facing in.

Pinned pieces
Here is the open end of piece 1

Stitch along your pinned edges and fold inside out and you will have a now almost stable fabric arch. Now to make it pretty. Cut as many little strips of fabric as you like to make some tabs. Along the inner fabric which will fold over the front of the arch stitch your tabs on. If using fleece making a button hole is as simple as just cutting a slit into your tab. Now On your outer layer, sew on the buttons.

Slot your fiddlesticks in between the two layers. And button up!

Fiddle sticks between unfastened layers.
The side
The back
Front all buttoned up!
Button & tab

With a sewing machine this can easily be done in a few hours. After making this prototype i would suggest a outer fabric with more stretch to it than this 100% cotton i used. Or cut it too large. I didnt compensate enough.