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I am one of the few people who are privileged enough to work in a Domestic animal rescue, it’s hard, unforgiving, tiring, stress full and some times heart breaking. I care for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits (no surprise there!) it’s not a job you cn do if you only, kind of like, animals. You have to love them with all your heart, if you treat them well, they will treat you back with showing their amazing characters, habits and behavior.

Acorn: One of my rescue guinea’s enjoying the grass under her feet for the first time in her life (May 2012)

With the increase of neglected and abandoned animals, there is, thankfully an increase in people adopting animals over buying them from pet shops or breeders. However, the process of adopting a pet alone, can scare potential new owners away,and I myself was nervous when i adopted two guinea pigs from the very place that i work! You do get a serious sense of being judged, and if you have never owned the species you are looking at, you worry you will be considered unsuitable due to lack of knowledge.

The following is a link to a post i wrote on a forum, detailing (albeit briefly) the best way to go about adopting a guinea pig, although it could apply to other animals as well.


I would like add now my views are not strictly pro-rescue. There are many good breeders and pet shops, which are sadly, swamped , by the bad ones. But I am, foremost pro-education. Many of these animals are given up, and in poor condition due to ignorance on the owners part.