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Like many other parts of the world, Jan & Feb are often the coldest parts of the year, as it is here in the UK. We get a bit of sun, but it’s often destroyed by biting wind, and an onslaught of snow! So, Harvey, Acorn and Peri felt it was important to give a little advise on the best way to keep your outdoor Guinea Pigs warm in the winter.

Harvey: It’s essential for all of us very important piggies who live outdoors to train our slaves in the ways of keeping us warm in the winter. Now, if your slave is as well trained as mine, it will have already conned it’s male parent into making a nice insulated shed for the V.I.P’s to live in. The following are my tips for making your hutch even snugger.

Acorn: And mine!

Harvey: First encourage your slave to place a squashy fleece on the base of your cage, this helps to keep the wood dry and stops the damp getting to our toes.

Peri: Mmmmm very soft!

Harvey: Next comes the layer of paper, this makes a fantastic fleece protector.

Harvey: Then add the hay …

Harvey: … LOTS of hay.

Acorn: As it’s winter, you slave can feel free to decorate all houses/huts/hideys/igloos and pigloos with lashings of hay! *om nom nom nom*

Acorn: Also tell your slave that what every piggy want’s as a treat is a nice toasty snuggle safe, with comfy cosy cover to keep their tootsies and bums warm. I love my snuggle safe *kissy kissy*

Peri: A hay bath (big enough for two … or three!) makes a perfect place to snuggle down in …

Peri: As do nice thick snuggle sacks in the bedroom.

Harvey: Remember, you V.I.P’s who are out in a hutch, tell your slave to move your abode to a shed/outhouse/real house or at the least a sheltered and secure area, tell them you need your hutch covered with blankets and sheets to keep the air in, and if you live alone for good reason, the best way to keep warm is to have a friend to cuddle up with! Demand extra hay from them and regularly heated snuggle safes along with an extra snuggle inside their jackets. If they manage to carry out these simple tasks then, i congratulate you fellow Pig. You have trained your human well.

Signing out

Harvey ~