Very use full little guide. I had a hamster who would only take her septrin (a banana flavor pediatric antibiotic) on … you guessed it … banana.

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Rodents are fairly healthy pets, and they only need to go to the vet when sick. However, the odds are in favor of their needing supplements or medication at some point. I’ve had 11 so far, so I’ve had to medicate a fair bit.

Rodent medications are usually an oral liquid. It’s really important to measure carefully for these guys because they are so small! I have a tiny syringe that measures in fiftieths of a milliliter for my gerbils and rats. Note: make sure it’s an oral syringe and has no needle. They should look something like this:

How to measure oral medication:

1. Shake it up: Lots of rodent medications are suspensions, meaning the drug is in small particles floating in the liquid. It needs to be mixed to be sure you’re getting the right amount of active ingredient.

2. Draw it up: Suck it up into the…

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