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Guinea Pig’s tend to get bit of a short straw when it comes to enriching their lives. They can’t climb like other small rodents, nor are they accomplished diggers, so climbing toys, frames,hammock and dig trays are sort of redundant for them. They don’t scamper around, or seem to enjoy being on the move – so excersie balls and wheels are a) pointless b) incredibly dangerous for animals that can use them, let alone can not.

This means the humble little cavy get’s classed as a “boring” animal, there fore deserves a boring life.

But let’s think … what are guinea pigs good at? What do they enjoy? …

Food! They love to eat, and love to route about for it!

“Forage Boxes” are the perfect way to keep Guinea Pigs entertained.


All you need is … a variety of boxes and other receptacles. A variety of hays, some grass, vegetable and a bit of your guinea pigs dry or pellet food.


I used redi grass, timothy hay and dry food this day

Then … fill it up! You can use a variety of boxes or pots. I usually use the boxes my cat’s pouches of food come in … A wine crate is perfect for a few piggies to sit in. And flower pots which come in all shapes and sizes are ideal.


Added some fresh grass and apple!


Flower pot and a paper roll tube.

Remember if you use a paper tube to cut it vertically up the middle, or unravel it into a spiral, so that no baby (or stupid) guinea pigs get their heads stuck!


Harvey & the girls tucking into a box!


Gulliver preferred the flower pot

This keeps them entertained for ages, and then once it’s empty, they love to get into, nibble on and push/pull their boxes about. It only takes minuets to do and they can have something new, every day!