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Time for something a little different.

I used to strive to adhere to at least a post a week, then that fell apart for a year, life etc. When i saw this prompt on the Daily Posts page i thought i could make use of it.

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

This is a complete no brainier for me, I would start my own Guinea Pig rescue, not a sanctuary, as i think i would end up no better than a hoarder if i was a permanent home. But a rescue and re-homing center. Where i could take in unwanted cavies, make them well, make the strong, tame and happy, find them companions of their own and find them families and owners, who want them because they care about even the most innocuous of creatures on this planet. Having 6 rescue pets of my own (3 of my precious guinea pigs, 2 cat’s and a hamster) I know how rewarding it is working as both as a re-homer and a re-hom-ee.

Not only that but it would give me the perfect venue and opportunity to do what i most love doing with Guinea Pigs – educating people. I now know from experience that the people who adopt animals from shelters/rescues and societies are the people who really want to learn, and i love to teach them. There is nothing more rewarding than when you share a little piece of knowledge with some one (no matter how pointless to another person) and knowing that it’s now their little piece of knowledge now too.

Unfortunately I am never going to have the funds or a plot of land to do this from (although i fully intend to at least have a shed where i could do it from my garden of a weekend)

So that, it what i would indeed do, with my plot of earth.