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This month marks the six month mark of me bringing my rescue Piggy, Perri home.


Beautiful Perri

Perri had been a child’s pet, that had always lived alone, at the bottom of the garden. When she came into the shelter she was under socialized, and frightened, with mites and over grown nails. She barely moved or ate for a week. I fell in love with her and knew that this guinea pig would have been loved once, even if it had been four years previously when she was still tiny and ‘cute’.

 She is a beautiful little creature, who is so gentle and ‘motherly’ to the other Guinea Pigs, which is funny, seeing as her bringers in said “Oh she’s never lived with another guinea pig, and she’s always been happy, it will only stress her”. Although i can assure she is anything but stressed and has surely found a new lease of life! She has settled perfectly and is a very vocal member of the troupe.

Perri is now, roughly five years old, meaning that the time I and her cage mates have together could be precious, or it could be years to go yet.

I like to think she is now in her home, where she was previously was just a halfway house.