Couldn’t have written it better myself! I’ts amazing (and a little worrying) how many adoptee’s i’ve won over by going through how much money they save getting a a shelter animal rather than going straight to a pet shop. And i laughed callously at the one who didn’t listen. She ended up getting ringworm from her shop bought Guinea pigs, and spent a fortune on treatment to boot.

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Shelters are awesome places to find pets. In a nutshell: They offer a variety of pets for a nominal fee, save you lots of money in vet costs, provide a support network, and help animals in need. They are dedicated to helping you find a suitable pet and reduce the chances of you taking on a pet with surprise problems. Lastly, the animals are really not “there because there’s something wrong with them.”

This may sound like a sales pitch, but every claim I’m making comes from my experience (although you can take that as you will). My credentials: I’ve volunteered at a shelter, volunteered or shadowed at 2 vet clinics, and cared for a small boatload of pets (mine and others) including those from shelters, rescue groups, Craigslist, strays, breeders, shady breeder animals, pet stores, feeders from pet stores, and word of mouth rehoming.




Why Shelters…

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