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“Our hoomin was very excited when she found ‘Sinclairs’ new blog! He is one of the piggies she took care of at her ‘day job’ (We suspect she may be cheating on us with other Guineas!). All ofc as are as happy as she is, Sinclair looks very happy with his new family, and we think all piggies, big, small, hairy, baldy, brown eyes or pink eyes deserve that!”
~ Harvey, Peri, Acorn, Rummer, Finn, Gulliver, Blake, Romeo & Magnus
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Sinclair, Punky & Greyce (Shiloh, Ginger, Caramel & Twiglet)

Day 2 and Sinclair is much more forward today. While the others did some floor time he poked his nose out even though he didn’t go more than a few steps from the cage today. He seems much more confident and he did not run done to second floor hiding first thing when he saw me.
He seems to get along good with all of the girls and they seems to have accepted him into being one of them now. : )




We had a little half bath today. Only his back legs and behind. His fur was a little greasy. It went ok and he is now drying before getting back in the cage.


x Ann Charlotte


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