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Well, typically I have fallen off the wagon and done a blogging disappearing act.

Unfortunately, as it stands things have been a little sad in my piggy land. Gulliver one of my shy retiring brothers suddenly passed from bloat, which was a little shocking. He had always been a very, healthy, sturdy boy and to just find him gone, swollen up like a ball when I got home from work was upsetting. He had also been recently split from his companion, Romeo, as they had suddenly decided, despite what I did to keep them bslsnced, that they hated each other. This left me with a piggy who is awfully bad tempered and near impossible to mix.


Handsome Mr Gulliver ❤

Then, even more shockingly my elderly girl, Peri was foind in her forever sleep, with Harvey at her side. It shouldn’t have been surprising. Finding a nearly 7 year old guina pig dead. But we were almost getting the impression that that sturdy little tank of a sow was indestructible!  Thankfully it appeared that age had finally just caught up with her, and I don’t feel there was anything traumatic or upsetting about her passing. The real shame of her loss ks that in her wake, Harvey snd Acorn, hace began to ostracise young Rummer, the year old girl who was very close to Peri.


Peri (L) giving her man a kiss on the ear.

Romeo was briefly mixed with a lovely laid back young boar, Magnus, however it was unfortunately not to be, as Romeos’ temper won out again and he attacked him. Needless to say Romeo is now thoroughly castrated, I plan to mix him with Rummer, as she is struggling to mix with the other two now that Peri is gone. Hopefully it will work, Harvey was just like Romeo with other males, but loves his girlfriends, so I have hope that Romeo will find a friend (finally) in the cheeky, beautiful little ginger whirlwind which is miss Rummer! 


Who couldn't fall in love with this gorgeous girl?