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One of the many “issues” that we come across at word, is guinea pigs having no access to grass or, people not even realusing that they can eat it/is good for their digestion/part of a more natural diet. Now whilst i do not feel that peopke who keep their guinea pigs indoors should be penalised, and likewise, those who keep them outdoors should not either. I do find it sad that many piggies are denied the simple enjoyment of popcorning around a run, and stuffing their faces with grass.


This is where the grass tray is the single most amazing invention ever made for Guineas. Perfect for peopke who do not have a lawn, have indoor only Pigs, or for weaning Guineas who are unused to grass onto it. It can either be done by planting Grass Seed into trays, pots and tubs. Or the quick way, with benefits which can be reaped far sooner is cutting up turf.


I have recently had to do this with my Guinea Pigs as at the moment my lawn is not fit for use. Its been brilluant, the grass has taken really well, the piggies are getting to eat it almost every day. And it also means that they can go out in their runs to stretch their legs, and still have the opportunity to graze.

It is also a very flexible way to give your pets grass access as you can grow it into containers of any size to fit your home, run of cage.  I recently went away on a glirious weekend, which would have been perfect for putting the Piggos out in their runs. Luckily a I had grass trays to fit, they were able to have grass on special delivery strIght to their homes.


So why not give it a go? Grow your own green patch!