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After the troupe took some losses at the beginig of this year, and after Magnus had to be sent to pastures new after Romeo beating him up. I decided to get another sow.

I had my mind set on a beautiful older, roan girl that had come into our rescue branch. It was as I was making the decision to rehome her, that my Manager told me about a little 2 year old, blind girl that had been takej to the other shelter. I decided to reserve the blind sow without much thought as I liked the idea of having another piggy with special needs again.

So enter Eden, a beautiful black crested girl who has spent the first 2 years of her life alone, as the petshop sold her saying she couldn’t live with other guinea pigs due to her condition.


Eden loves a chin rub

Eden has microphthalmia meaning her eyes and the sockets are very small. Her left eye rolls back into her head, and she has cataracts on both eyes. This does not affect her though and she vey easily and happily bonded with Harvey and Acorn, whilst Rummer was removed fro m the group and introduced to Romeo.

Eden is a very cheerful, talkative girl and gets lots of kisses from Acorn who likes to groom her.

Eden has now been living with us for about 3 weeks, however, unfortunately my sweet little girl is suffering from a stomach bug and has, had awful diarrhoea. She has post a lot of weight and looks pretty sorry for herself.

Thankfully we are 3 days into her illness now, and she is making improvement, although she is still very quiet. She is on antibiotics, probiotics, and although she is hungry, she does not have the energy to eat much unaided. So she is also being syringe fed.

I have good vibes about this one though, this little pig seems to be a fighter to the core, and is headbutting me for more ear rubs right now.


I think there is going to he more to come from my excellent Eden!