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Lots of leaves, not many Strawberries

A wholly unexciting post, but I myself me super pleased with the vegetables we have grown at work. The last few years we have grown our own veg and plants to feed the Rabbit, Guinea Pigs and Chickens.


To save money, and also as an education tool for the public. It’s really nice to be able to show people, especially kids all the different plants that they can grow for their pet’s and themselves. Also it’s lovely to sit in the sun digging over gardens, planting seeds and then pulling it all up afterwards!


Here is some of the food I picked this morning. Beetroot (the furries can only eat the beet, but the chickens like the leaves), Spinach, Chard, Courgette and some Strawberry leaves. It’s oh go satisfying watching all the animals tucking into their fresh veg and taking multiple washes to get the mud off your hands.