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This is my newest foster girl, “Catherine” aka Catty. She is a very tiny peruvian breed piggy who has come into rescue from a hoarding situation. She has lived indoors with a number of other female Guinea Pigs where she, and a few others have ended up with serious chest infections, proof that keeping them indoors is not necessarily better if it means you still arent going to clean their cages!

As said, Catherine has a chedt infection, she has now been fighting this for 2 weeks. Initially she had been prescribed baytril antibiotic, which worked very well for a week. She then had a setback and fluid began to develop on her left lung. She was then prescibed septrin ( the childrens antibiotic) she will have been on it for a week tomorrow and she willbe seeing the vet again. If all is well, and she gos up for rehoming then i will be adopting her, the first time i have “failed” at fostering in 4 years, and that is after fostering over 50 guineapigs, a hamster and a mouse for the rescue!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hopefully soon we will be welcoming a new member into the PPT!