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So, it is a vet day today. Little Catherine is having what will hopefully be her last vet check before she is allowed to be rehomed and come and live with me permanently. Her breathing is so much better and she is gaining weight. When she saw the vet last week they were pleased with her progress and the fluid on her lungs had cleared. I havehad to leave her at the rescue during the day today to wait for her vet appointment so i am a little bit nervous waiting for them to call to collect her.

Also, my boy Romeo is unwell. Unfortunately hecis also showing signs of respitory infection! So he is off to the vet this afternoon. Fingers crossed he isnt to bad!



All rather unfortunate as i was really hoping that if Catherine was given to all clear i would be bonding her with Romeo and Rummer over the next few days.
Oh well. Their health and clmfort are foremost.

Fingers crossed!