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I suspect some people who stumble upon this are actually wondering what an earth this Blog is even supposed to be about. They just see the most recent 30 second video clip of some guinea pigs doing not a lot and then breeze on by. So I would like to introduce you all fully.

My name is Joey and I love Guinea Pigs. I have owned them for pushing 20 years,I work with Guinea Pigs at a pet rescue and re-homing charity. I don’t just think they are cute, and a bit dim. I find them fascination, their in truth very complex social behavior and language, both verbal and body. They have a very unique physiology, quite unlike some other rodents. I am passionate about their welfare, and believe they, with all other animals (including people) deserve a basic standard of care and living, which sadly, many pet stores, breeders and even so called rescues or sanctuaries do not provide or promote.

My aim is for this blog to be a place where I can share my knowledge and passion in a number of forms. I will be providing fun ideas to improve your guinea pigs enrichment and home. I will be writing posts on care and husbandry topics, questions and myths. And of course I will be sharing random updates from the lives of my own pet Guinea Pigs, and most likely their Cat brother and sister and Froggy family members!

I really hope that through the blog I will inform and entertain, whether someone is a guinea pig owner or not. That I might prevent a potential owner from making a big mistake in simple care, that could ruin their enjoyment of their pets. After all we rely on where we get our pets from to tell us all we need. And so many Pet stores are outdated in their information.

I’ve already got a few new articles on keeping pairs of boars, and housing drafted up, so watch this space. I hoping to get a decent bit of information up on at least a monthly basis, and them some helpful videos and creative posts in between.

Peace out Piggy people!