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Aka: these seasoned free rangers don’t go any where. Or do anything so long as they have their hidey holes.

I don’t let all of my Guinea pigs free range. Rummer and Lupin for example are too naughty! Blake is very laid back but Noah is so shy if something scared him who know where he would run.
Harvey has been free ranging, with supervision for 5 years. He learnt from his exceptionally calm ‘uncle’ Heston. He has taught Acorn, and the former Peri how too free range too. 


Both Harvey and Acorn are very relaxed when free ranging, keeping to their houses until I come to sit with them, then they will come out and explore some more. I suppose I make them feel safer?  Harvey has always been my spoilt little brat prince of a Guinea pig though, so no fear of me from him!


Acorn even came for some tea!

I must also on another note apologise for my lack of activity the last month and a bit. I’m not sure what happened apart from exceptional laziness. I have some new articles for here lined up all on accommodation for Guinea pigs, it should be around 4 posts.

Poor Romeo also passed away last week 😦 so he will be getting his tribute post up too. Until then, keep loving piggies!