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I have been so very lax in both ofy blogs recently 😦 I just have not had the time or the energy.

Sadly we have had some losses amongst the troupe the last two months, and little Blake’s health is fading as he gets swiftly more elderly.


In September we lost Romeo. He was taken I’ll on the friday 4th, the day before I took a flight to Greece. I left him in the care of my Dad and Brother after taking him to the vets on Friday afternoon and beginning him on medication and syringe feeding. On Sunday my brother contacted me to say he had booked Romeo as an inpatient at the vet as he felt that he would be in a better place, which I agreed.
Unfortunately on Tuesday afternoon I was contacted by my vet who told me that not only had Romeo not began eating independently, he had also begun breathing with difficulty. We agreed that the best thing to do for Romeo was to help him on his way to the bridge. He was to far gone after looking almost 400 grams in almost as many days, and was most likely shutting down, the fact that he was never the friendliest of Guinea Pigs also meant that it was particularly stressful for him to be surrounded by people and getting handled all the time.


This Friday, the 16th of August I got a text message at work from my mother asking if I could ring her when possible.
Now usually I always check, feed and water my Guinea Pigs before I go to work, but that morning I was running late so asked if someone else in the house could do it. Unfortunately this meant my Dad found my sweet little Acorn in her forever sleep.
Acorn was my first rescue Guinea, I rehomed her to be a companion for my neutered boy Harvey. She was from a home originally where the owner had hoarded almost 300 Guinea Pigs ! She was a very quiet, reliably character and was a great companion to Harvey who really pined for her for a day after she passed away.

However – this morning I sat and watched my foster Guinea Pig give birth to her two beautiful babies. It was utterly amazing and she is being a very over zealous Mum! She seems to be cleaning them non stop. I have never seen baby Guinea’s so “fresh” so it was a real treat. I have left the new family alone for bow but will give them all a check over this evening, so more to come about them.

So there we have it, two losses and two new lives, the circle is complete.