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Winter isn’t much of a nice time for the PPT or for their owner and spokesperson. It’s currently been a tough three months for all of them.

Some of the piggies have been a bit poorly, although they are better now, and beautiful old Blake passed away on the 2nd of January.


Blakes adorable kissy lips!

Blake was originally from a huge guinea pig rescue. Over 300 animals were removed from one property. I remember going there full of anticipation and adrenaline. It was certainly a sight to behold, guinea pigs were all over the house and garden. Staked in cardboard boxes and cat carriers. Large indoor cages in the living room. The back garden was lined with row upon row of hutches, and then an additional shed, which was around 10 x18 ft and full of breeder block hutches, some so crammed full of guinea pigs they couldn’t move. We spat about 12 hours there, sexing, health checking and nail clipping. Three individual rescues came and removed around 120 Guinea pigs the first day.

It was just as we were leaving that one of my colleagues looked into two hutches, one a group of girls who had obvious ringworm infection, and another with some painfully thin looking guinea pigs in. We didn’t actually have space for all of them at the two centers our charity has for them all so I took some on foster. That’s where I met Blake. He was so malnourished when he arrived with us that we presumed he was a baby, It was only his full, long adult coat that gave away that he was adult. He was covered in wounds from where he was being attached by the three larger males, which were infected and sore. Both myself and my mum fell in love with him and knew he was going to have to stay with us.


Blake, Pickwick and Finn lawn mowing


Initially paired up with bad boy Harvey, that only lasted 3 weeks before Harvey attached him out of the blue. So I decided to take a chance and pair him with Pickwick, my elderly Guinea and his companion the ever so large, but ever so gentle Finn. It worked like magic, a perfect mix of two docile no argumentative young males with a firm but fair older boar. The three of them were close as could be. When Pickwick passed away, Finn and Blake happily accepted Gulliver (Finns troubled brother) into their fold. Until he passed away only a few months later.  November 2014 they again accepted another male, this time a youngster named Noah, and yet again another prefect combination of laid back goodness. When Finn passed away  I left Noah and Blake as they were.


Finn, Blake and young Noah


They became the closest of friends, and strapping young Noah became a live in hot water bottle for the increasingly frail Blake.

Blake was approximately 7 years old when he passed away from a suspected tumor. He is safely one of my most favorite Guinea Pigs. His gentle accepting nature caused him to be a little overshadowed by some of the more outgoing, or squeaky characters in the troupe such as Rummer, Harvey and even Finn himself. But I feel lucky to have earn the trust of an abused and frightened boy, who really could have remained a white eye, terrified animal his whole life.

To some people he would just have been a guinea pig, but those are the people who wouldn’t have deserved to know him any way. They require time and investment to make them anything but skitty little things.


But they are so worth it ❤


Noah now has a new companion, another young rescue boy. And two older boars have come to live with us too. They will get their onw introductions though 😉

Look out for some more to come!