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Lindons beautiful big eyes

On January 6th I went and collected the newest additions to the troupe. They had been handed into rescue early December. I had purposefully accepted them in as I had been waiting a pair of older males, as they are my favorite.


Unfortunately they were in poor health. “Justin” the Ginger and white had a number of self harm patches from where he had been chewing at himself. This was down to the fact his hair was riddled with lice.


” Frank” was also riddled with lice. On top of that he was painfully thin, had broken teeth and some old foot injuries, like his toes had broken. He went straight into observation to see if we could built his weight up without it dropping and for his teeth to grow back. They also had to go onto three weeks of treatment for lice.


Thank fully, Frank recovered well and the vet happily passed him for rehoming on the 1st of Jan. So they came home on my birthday.

I renamed them Rohan and Lindon, because being the massive dork I am, i find a map of middle earth an inspiring thing. They are the sweetest, gentlest boys who enjoy a good snuggle. They are coming up to their 5 birthdays, so I most likely will not have them for long.

But they’re worth it!