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Aramis sti manages to be braver than Noah the day he arrives home

Again, on the 6th of Jan. A little 10 month old boy came to live with us. Recently bereaved Noah took a trip to a local rescue center to do some “boar dating”. A service that many rescues provide so that male Guinea pigs can find the right companions, not just ones they tolerate.


Luckily Noah is very docile, as is Aramis. They spent their entire ” date” cuddled together, and although there was a little of the normal rumbling when they got home. They have quickly settled down and now lay together and sleep the chilly evenings away. Just like Blake and Noah did. Aramis thankfully has had no traumatic back story, he is in good health and was well cared for. Sadly circumstances just changed for his owner.


Noah being silly and shy.

He’s a real sweet character and although he is scared of people he has a massive set of lungs. And wheeks for all 6 of the other piggies.

This will be my last post for a few day (no internet oh woe) but I’m the process of drafting a huge post on accommodation options and tips for indoor guineas.

Until next week.