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My first foster mama to be has landed. Squirtle is approx 8 month old and pregnant with what we at the rescue suspect, is her second litter. More than likely “back to back” breeding meaning that within minuets of giving birth to her last pups she was mated again as the father was living with them.


At such a young age back to back breeding can cause serious long term and life shortening effect on the mothers. I have had girls with permanent nerve damage to their hind legs, mums that are smaller than their babies in a matter of weeks and mums who have been too small to even get their pups out. Over bred sows often only live to 3-4 years unlike the 6-8 for an average healthy pet.


Squirtle is a pretty laid back girl, and has some super wriggly babies in there! Unfortunately she’s had no opportunity to build any fat and is really just skin and bone so she will be tiny when her pups are born. Thankfully she has lots of lovely silky hair to keep her warm! 
Her pelvis has started opening up over this week, so hopefully next week we might have babies! Once her babies are weaned then they and Squirtle will go back to rescue to be adopted.

Updates will come when possible, we do love baby piggies in this house 😀