Meet the troupe

The Pawsey Piggy Troupe or “TPPT” is the collective name for my 7 Guinea Pigs. I have decided to create a new blog for my Cavy related posts, not just about my own animals, but also tutorials, articles and other points of ‘Piggy’ interest. My Guinea Pig family has changed a lot since some of my earlier post’s which i have transferred from my other blog. And are now as follows.

Home of the Henpecked (Hutch 1)

Rummer – A 3 year old rescued Golden American crested sow, a little firey whirlwind of a Guinea. The girl has character and plenty of it!

Lupin – 2 1/2 year old Lupin is a rescue and ex breeding sow. This beautiful girl is lilac, gold and white crested. She is shy and bit of a loner, she sure loves her food though!

Flint – 2 year old Flint, the debonaire black and white sheltie is the new man in Rummer and Lupins life. He seems to be living up well to the task of keeping these two feisty ladies in tow.But that doesnt mean they let him rule the roost!


“The Pad” (hutch 2)

Hiro – A silver agouti and white UNIT of a ginea pig. This boy almost weights 2 kilos. He has a super grumpy face and is the more timid of the two. Believe it or not.

Yuki – A tri colour, cheeky chappy. He is a real people friendly piggy who is always up for a chat and a treat.

They are both 2 1/2 year old rescues

Aramis – An 18 months cream agouti crested. He is a very sweet natured  boy, with the loudest wheek when he is expecting his veggies! He is a rescue piggie.


Hutch 3 is now home to any foster piggies that may need somewhere to stay until they find a new home.



3 thoughts on “Meet the troupe”

  1. Are you by any chance part of The Guinea Pig Forum? Whee think our Mummy has seen you over there!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    ps. our name there is *Nibbles&Nugget*

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